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How to come sailing with us.

Tectona does 2 very distinct types of voyages:

  1. 1. Recovery voyages for the Tectona Trust
  2. 2. Voyages for Young People supported by the Island Trust.

1. Recovery Voyages are part of our programme to help abstinent ex-users in rebuilding their lives after they have come off long-term addiction.

You need to be in strong Recovery (you will know what this means!) and ABSTINENT from all addiction-related substances & medications.

But listen. Say you're on a script right now, you can still put your name down and get a place on a future voyage when that box can be ticked.

Talk to us!

To get in touch or if you would like more information about this programme please use our contact page.

2. Young People sailing on Tectona; information is available