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A Day on Board TECTONA

0730 Get up, help prepare breakfast at anchor
0830 Group planning meeting with Skipper
0900 Help wash deck then raise anchor and hoist sails
1100 Free time until On Watch
1200 On watch: Steering / Trimming Sails / Lookout / Learning chart-work
1230 Lunch while on watch.
1600 Off watch. Tea. Free time / catch up with sleep for 2 hours
1800 Help prepare Supper. Supper in saloon with other off-watch people.
1900 Help wash up.
2000 Group meeting in saloon with Group Leader
2100 Catch up with sleep
0000 Wakened to go on watch on deck. Steering / lookout etc.
0400 Off watch. Back to sleep!
0730 Get up, get ready to eat breakfast at sea…

TECTONA is a large heavy old boat, and almost every routine activity needs several people to achieve, for example: