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Operating Tectona; our partner charities.

2014 is TECTONA's 6th season since she returned to her role sail training out of Plymouth.

Off BigburyShe is operated by The Island Trust a well-respected local sail training charity, under an agreement where she is provided to them free of charge (i.e. no hire or charter fees). In return they pay for all the operating costs such as salaries and maintenance. The voyages arranged by Tectona Trust have to be bought back from Island Trust but in return we have the huge benefit of permanent sea staff, who become very good indeed at what they do.

Island Trust and Tectona Trust have an excellent co-operative working relationship. Although the finances are run according to our contract, there is a great deal of mutual support between the organisations. Our own contribution to this includes sorting out problems that occasionally happen on board Tectona (eg: sudden failure of our 24V generator or mainsail repairs requiring a rapid appointment with the sailmaker) to minimise down-time, but also sharing our own projects such as research and professional development.

Mast and RiggingTectona Trust's main priority is our Recovery Programme, and we have been lucky and delighted to work with Phoenix Futures since 2009. This came about because Roger and Stuart had worked together in a previous charity in Portsmouth, and when that organization ceased they kept the idea going and brought their vision alive once again when the Tectona Trust came into being. As an ex heroin addict himself, Stu's energy, insight and (crucially) sense of humour have been absolutely central to making this happen.

Deck ActivityThe Island Trust now operates 3 vessels: Tectona (74 Tons) Pegasus (38 Tons) and Moosk (17 Tons). They employ eight sea-going and administrative staff, some as seasonal workers but most as full-time employees.