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Current Recovery Work

We are developing our work with the Shekinah Mission who have 2 bases in Plymouth and one in Torquay.

The idea that adventure sailing might help people getting over addiction arises from the way this activity is so life-changing for 'disadvantaged' young people. In fact anyone who has been to sea in a sailing boat for a week will attest that it makes you more grounded and self confident, even those of us who have been doing it for years and years!

Our previous work with Phoenix Futures meant that our voyage crews came from all over the UK - except the South West where Phoenix didn't have a residential unit! As most of the Phoenix people were in residentials, we had ready-made teams coming on board Tectona.

We carry out pre-voyage meetings with the group with the aim of helping them see the great time ahead, and to answer any of their anxieties such as sea sickness.

One advantage of working with Shekinah is that we can be more involved with the Recovery people both before and after their voyage. This is especially helpful for our trainee doctors from Plymouth medical school. Their module involves a week on a Tectona Recovery voyage, and being able to meet their former crew mates for a catchup a couple of months later adds an extra dimension to their understanding of addiction and Recovery.

'Envelope of Care'.

We know that people with be strengthened in their Recovery ("resilience") by their voyage, and our research has also told us that this effect will be even stronger if they are involved with the mother ship both before and after their voyage.

Former shipmates have a deep and lasting bond. So we are aiming to provide some days of down-time for Tectona during the sailing season, when they can come back on board to join us for a bit of maintenance work - mostly painting and varnishing - so that they go on feeling part of the Tectona family.