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Current Rehab Work

Currently, we are developing our work with Phoenix Futures, a UK-wide rehab organisation.

StuThis grew out of personal contact with Stuart, formerly a client and a Manager at Phoenix Alpha in Southampton, now a senior manager working for Phoenix UK.

Today Stu describes his own early experiences afloat as a recovering addict as truly life-changing. To look at his journey and his achievements since then certainly confirms this.

We have done annual sailing voyages with Phoenix clients for the last 5 years, and there will be further voyages this September.

The outcomes of these have been excellent at the 'feedback' level, but we also suspect a stronger and more lasting effect.

Of the Recovery people who have sailed so far, we believe that over 80% remain clean after 15 months. This is seen as a markedly better outcome that the more usual 46%. Though we can't yet be sure, it might just confirm everyone's gut feeling that this kind of adventure sailing really makes a difference. See also Research