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A Rehab Voyage Report

rehab Team at the WheelThe objective of the TECTONA TRUST is to bring the benefits of adventure sailing to people with mental health or rehab problems. Based on research evidence and personal experience, this is something that can really make a difference.

Roger worked with Stuart Plant from Phoenix Alpha, a residential community in Hampshire, to set up a programme for groups of their clients.

In September 2009 Tectona hosted the first "rehab voyage".

The weather was kind to us and once the new crew were settled in, we put to sea on the Sunday evening in light conditions. However, we were barely clear of the harbour when the engine overheated. A circulating pump had failed, so we had to change our plans. Luckily there was just enough breeze for a very pleasant sail back up the Sound and into the Cattewater with some interesting pilotage after dark. In the morning, with the unstinting help of Gavin (Mount Batten Boathouse Ltd) the pump was repaired and we were back on track.

Mid ChannelAs dusk fell we were heading off across the Channel and by 0300 were dodging the heavy traffic in the shipping lanes. Morning brought us up with Les Hanois light off the NW tip of Guernsey and by tea-time we had weathered the southern tip of Sark and come to anchor in Dixcart Bay.

The return trip to the Solent proved just as benign, and the 5th day found us alongside in Cowes.

People had said, "You must be crazy, going to sea with a group of people in rehab!" but I can honestly say that it was one of the most enjoyable trips I have ever made. For good company, crazy humour, and willingness to get stuck in, it would be hard to find better shipmates than Phoenix!

We hope to extend this work with local clients in the future.